Writing: Trial or Treasure?

I hate writing!

The actual physical act of sitting down in front of a computer and typing words on a screen seems so tedious to me. So many choices can arise when you try to sit down and write. For example, you have the question of do you write at an uncomfortable desk or on a cushy couch that requires placing a hot computer on your lap?

Then, of course, you have the whole issue of background noise: to noise or not to noise. If you decide “to noise,” you must then choose between distracting yet fun music or the even more distracting T.V. Or if you decide “not to noise,” you have the distraction of the defining silence that falls around you smothering your creativity like a thick blanket.

No, writing is not as easy as you may think. This is especially true considering as soon as you sit down in front of a computer, all of those wonderful words you have compiled in your mind tend to fly right out of your head to be replaced by a big white fuzzy cloud of nothingness.

So many problems. No, I don’t like writing. But I do like creating. I love imagining new worlds, new places, new adventures. I love putting my characters into situations and watching how they escape. I love giving them problems and watching them rise to the challenge. I love running with them through the dark frightening forests at night, freezing with them inside the raging volcanos, and fighting off the enemy to protect the powers of the hidden underground. As they rappel down the sides of the cliffs, I rappel with them. As they swim into the deep secret chambers, I swim with them. As they test the limits of their new abilities, I am right there with them.

Take it from someone who knows, even if you don’t particularly like writing, you shouldn’t completely avoid the activity. Once you get started, and your subject begins to suck you in, you may just find yourself lost in the words. And when that happens, anything is possible. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

I love writing!

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