A Fuzzy Chicken


Introducing the Polish Frizzle Chicken, a beautiful chicken that is mostly seen in show rings or exhibition halls. They have beautiful and unusual feathers that curl out unlike most other chickens whose feathers lie flat. This gives the frizzle chicken a cute, fluffy appearance. These gentle, quiet chickens come in many colors, but the ones you will see most often are black, white, brown, and blue.

Aren’t they cute? I could just eat one up.


One thought on “A Fuzzy Chicken

  1. I would love to order 3 of these fuzzy chickens for our grandchildren. They have had chickens for several years and make pets of them but these are SO unusual that they would love them. We would love to have 3 different colors, one being the black and white that you have a picture of. Could you please get back to me on what you have. This family live in the country and the kids are ages 12:, 10 and 9. I have no idea the time frame on buying them. I just saw them but would love to have them for Easter ( of course! )
    My phone # is 309-213-5573 and we live outside of Peoria, Il.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Barb Herman

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