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A potion that turns people into trees, monstrous panthers, a band of Xandi who seem to want them dead… When Molly and her friends travel through one of the impossible doors in the generator room, they find themselves in a strange land full of dangers they never knew to expect. Are the Xandi that live here as evil as the Gardener says, or is the Gardener the one who can’t be trusted? And what is in the mysterious bunker that is rumored to hold the greatest weapon ever known? Molly and her friends must stop the evil that threatens to rise. They just have to figure out who the evil ones are first.

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The Forest of Faces

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On the surface, the professor’s ancient inventions seemed harmless enough, practical even: a steam-powered wheel chair, lighting veins that decorate the walls, a balloon raft that travels the cave tunnels. But when someone starts trying to kill Molly and her friends, they begin to realize the rumors may be true. Rumors of a secret society of warriors and a lost cavern filled with cunning potions and fierce weapons, powerful machines and dangerous devices.
Molly is determined. They will find the cavern, they will reveal its secrets, and they will save the world. No matter what the cost.

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There will be an Instagram Scavenger Hunt at the launch of my new book, Stealing the Amber Key: Book One of the Xandi. The launch will be at the Alabama Renaissance Faire in Florence, AL, but you do not have to be present to participate. The list and instructions will be posted on my Instagram page (ae_cook) the morning of October 24th. Everyone who completes the scavenger hunt will have their names put in a drawing for the prizes. The sooner you finish the hunt, the more times your name will be entered. Once the five winning names are drawn, out of those five, the one who finished the hunt first, will have first choice of prizes, the one who finished second will have second choice of prizes, etc. (as long as winners choose their prizes within 24 hours of when they are notified that they won.)


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For many generations, dangerous secrets have lain hidden in a cavern laboratory deep below the surface of a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Despite many efforts to find and claim the incredible powers within, none, so far, have succeeded, and the story of the lost laboratory faded into legend…until now. A dark enemy has arrived on the island seeking the extraordinary power that waits to be found in the professor’s scientific creations – a great, unfathomable, almost magical power. It’s up to Jake, his sister Molly and their new friends to hold back the evil that threatens to rise.

With the help of the professor’s ancient journal, the group begins their quest. If they are to find the laboratory first, they must solve numerous puzzles, overcome countless obstacles, and survive perilous traps set by both the professor and their new enemy.

Little do they know that their greatest and most dangerous challenge will come after they find what they seek. It’s then that they must make a terrible decision: turn their backs on the world and let evil win, or risk losing everything they know and love, everything they are, by using the powers in the cavern themselves.

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