Readers Wanted: Help me choose the best book blurb for the back of my upcoming book, Stealing the Amber Key: Book One of the Xandi

I got some great responses the last time I asked for help choosing my book blurb. Unfortunately, the results were about 50/50. I need more votes! I’ve even put it in an easier-to-use format this time, and there’re only a few questions. Just click the link below to go to the Survey Monkey survey. Please take a couple of minutes to let me know what you think. Thanks!!!


Vote! Help Choose the Right Book Blurb for Stealing the Amber Key: Book One in the Xandi Series

Calling all parents/grandparents of kids aged 9-14. I need your children’s/grandchildren’s expert opinions. I have two quite different book blurbs for my first book in the Xandi series, Stealing the Amber Key, and I need to decide which one to put on my website ( and on the back of the book.

You can also vote if you’re an avid reader who doesn’t quite fit into the age group.


Here are your options:

Option 1:

It all started so innocently. They were trying to do the right thing: help their detective uncle solve a mystery, defeat the bad guy, save the world. You know, typical hero stuff. Then they heard the legend of an ancient, secret laboratory hidden in a deep cavern somewhere in the island. It was said that awesome inventions and incredible power were locked inside, power that could help someone take over the world. But that was just silly. Wasn’t it? Someone on the island didn’t think so.

Molly, Jake and their friends couldn’t resist. After all, they couldn’t let the enemy win. The hunt was on. Now, to find the key that would unlock this legend. The problem was how do you look for a key that nobody knows exists to unlock a secret lab that everyone thinks isn’t real? To make matters worse, there was someone else on the island watching them, someone else who believed in the legend. But these people wanted it to stay sealed away forever. And with the strange abilities and powers they seemed to possess, they would not be easy to get past.

Solving the old professor’s riddles, dodging some traps, and escaping other traps they couldn’t dodge was no trouble for the adventurous group. It would just be so much easier if those pesky, powerful, shadowy characters weren’t trying to kill them.

And here’s option 2:

For many generations, dangerous secrets have lain hidden in a cavern laboratory deep below the surface of a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Despite many efforts to find and claim the incredible powers within, none, so far, have succeeded, and the story of the lost laboratory faded into legend…until now.

A dark enemy has arrived on the island seeking the extraordinary power that waits to be found in the professor’s scientific creations – a great, unfathomable, almost magical power. It’s up to Jake, his sister Molly and their new friends to hold back the evil that threatens to rise.

With the help of the professor’s ancient journal, the group begins their quest. If they are to find the laboratory first, they must solve numerous puzzles, overcome countless obstacles, and survive perilous traps set by both the professor and their new enemy. Little do they know that their greatest and most dangerous challenge will come after they find what they seek. It’s then that they must make a terrible decision: turn their backs on the world and let evil win, or risk losing everything they know and love, everything they are, by using the powers in the cavern themselves.

Thanks for your help.