FREE Kindle e-book: The Amber Key


Free Kindle e-book. The Amber Key will be free on Kindle from Thursday, March 17th – Monday, March 21st. Reviews are always welcome. Here’s the blurb:

When a dangerous, hooded figure threatens someone with certain death, the average, sane person does what they ask. But Molly McClain isn’t the average, sane person.

Deep below the earth, on a hidden island, is a maze of tunnels where something deadly waits, its secrets hidden away for generations. Secrets the inhumanly-powerful Xandi have sworn to protect. Secrets Molly and her friends are determined to uncover.
An exploding house had led Molly and her family to this small island in the Pacific Ocean. The local detective said it was an accident, but Molly knows better. Something sinister is at play. Something is happening in the dark tunnels. Molly will discover the truth, whatever the cost.
When they find the professor’s ancient journal, their perilous quest begins.
They visit an “invisible” village, get trapped in an underwater cave, and almost freeze to death in the heart of a volcano. Terrible traps lurk around every corner. Challenging puzzles stand in their way. They must collect all the segments of the amber key if they are to reach the cavern laboratory before their faceless enemy. Or before Molly’s hooded figure follows through with his threat.
If they fail, the whole world could fall.

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The Forest of Faces

Book two in the Xandi series is now available for preorder. Reserve your copy today here at

The Forest of Faces

Jake and Bobby have messed up, really bad. As a result, a strange man gets away with stealing a valuable device from the laboratory. They have to restore what was taken and win back Edric’s trust to prove that they are worthy to be called Xandi. They set off after the criminal, only to find an old enemy lurking in the dark with the new one.

Accepting Books for Review

I’ve decided to start reviewing more books here on my blog. So far, I’ve only completed two or three, but I hope to begin posting more soon. My goal is to review books from new, undiscovered authors. I won’t be posting many reviews from best sellers simply because the fact that they are best sellers already indicates that people think they are good. I want to find the unknown gems and make them known.

Since I write middle-grade/young adult books, books in those age categories are mostly what I will be reviewing. (My favorites are fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery.) I won’t review smut (erotica) or books that use an abundance of coarse language. I also don’t really have much interest in non-fiction.

If you would like for me to review your book, I ask that you send me a free copy (ebook format or paperback). I cannot guarantee to review every book I receive nor do I guarantee a positive review. Reviews will be fair and honest, based on a 1-5 system. I will apologize in advance in case anyone is not happy with their review; however, my goal is to give honest feedback and provide trustworthy information for people seeking good books to read. I will not give a positive review to any book that I believe is not worthy of it. If I feel that I cannot honestly give at least three stars to your book, I will not post a review at all.

Reviews that are posted on here will also be shared on and (if possible).

If you’d like me to review your book, please contact me at Please type Request for Review in the subject line. Your request needs to include author name, genre, target age, and a short synopsis of your book. Thank you.

Book Review: The Journal of Curious Letters (The 13th Reality # 1)


Tick is an ordinary boy, and even though he has some insecurities and has to deal with bullies, he has the support of a good family. His life changes dramatically one day when he receives a mysterious letter in the mail. The letter contains a plea for help, a warning of danger if he accepts, and a way to escape danger if he chooses not to get involved, simply burn the letter. From this point on, Tick encounters many perils, but he steadfastly refuses to give up. More letters follow, each one containing a puzzle or riddle that must be solved before he is deemed worthy to join the real fight.

Dashner does an excellent job of depicting a typical, modern household, complete with annoying little sister, and integrating very strange and unusual characters and almost magical technology. The otherworldly heroes and villains are not your stereotypical good guys and bad guys either. Dashner reveals his incredible creativity in this book. He also breaks the mold in many ways. For example, instead of being an orphan or having horrible parents that he escapes, Tick has a wonderful, supportive mother and father, and one of the decisions he has to make is whether or not to tell his parents what’s going on.

Dashner also includes many puzzles and riddles that the readers can solve on their own. This really makes you feel like part of the story. It can also make you feel very smart if you end up solving the riddle before the hero.

I thought this was an excellent book, and I’m glad to see that it’s only the first in a series. I look forward to reading the others.

5 stars