I’m an author of middle-grade fantasy/sci-fi, adventure books. I love all things strange and unusual and try to include as much as I can in my writing. My books, the Xandi series, share the adventures of five kids who gain special powers and use them to protect the world from the evil they seem to find everywhere. It’s not easy keeping up with school work and trying to find ways to do what needs to be done without getting in trouble for sneaking out of the house. But they manage to balance it all, and, time after time, return victorious.a59badec-c579-404f-94ca-4af2f6277c46

I also enjoy reviewing books in the same age category and genre that I write. I give honest reviews based on my opinion. If you send me your book, understand that I will not give it any more stars than I feel it warrants. Also, I do not guarantee to review every book I receive. Sometimes, too many can come in for me to be able to keep up. Also, if I feel that I can’t honestly give at least a three star review, I won’t post one. If you would like for me to review your book, you can contact me at aecooksbooks@gmail.com.

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